Vintage Fur Rentals & Specialty Wool Pieces

on February 1, 2018

It was last year in 2015 that I started to rent my pieces, specific vintage furs and specialty wool.  It started with my beautiful brides that I had through the years, always asking my advice about what to wear over their amazing dresses/outfits in the cooler months.  I always would say, "You need a statement piece, one that you feel and look amazing in and keeps you warm!"

So yes, Vintage Fur Rentals were born!

I gathered special pieces for 2 years from all over BC and this last summer, I decided it was time to do what I love!  Bring together, a bunch of amazing and very talented people and a little hair, makeup and nails by meow!  Well to be fair, it started with a call from a great friend, someone I have been close with since my days in Toronto…Owen Bruce.  He called from NYC and said, "Let me take photos for you and tell your story."  No other answer in this case except, "Yes please!!"  Then came the beautiful model, Farrah, a very, very exciting Canadian model from Spot6Management.  Thanks to Cynthia Cully Agency Director for all your help!

Then with a team; Food from Nat (catering and all round girl who does it all) you killed it!  Photography from Owen, you know I love ya!  Leila Bani who is such a amazing stylist, she put together a package of amazing pieces to go with my vintage furs and the look was born!  The wonderful ladies at Union Bridal in Vancouver lent 2 of their precious bridal pieces to add into our look we wanted to tell!  THANKYOU Sarah and Emily!  Not to forget friends coming by like Janine, your moral support was amazing!  Well and of course the locations - Pemberton, home of a little bit of everything and all beauty!  It all happened and then that same day, Owen was gone to take a flight to his next location to shoot…Farrah was off to fly to Japan for a contract over the summer…and us who live here to put our feet up and relaxed!  With big smiles on our faces!

So please enjoy!

To see the complete collection of rental pieces and to book one or two for your upcoming event, either wedding, red carpet, dinner out, maybe your own photoshoot and have something that is totally unique to complement and completes your look, please visit the vintage rental fur and wool gallery and fill out the service form, or email me direct!

View my vintage fur rentals instagram account.

xo B