Moisturizing for the winter months

on November 30, 2016

Favorite time of the year, everyone is totally layering up...The buzz is in the air for snow snow snow!  Love living in a mountain town and feeling the love and energy in the air!  It is so very wonderful!  I guess it is hard to say when my favourite time of year really is, best thing really is to say I love the living where there are seasons as the anticipations is infectious! how-to-keep-hair-and-skin-moisturized-during-winter.jpg

It is the time to layer up, and enjoy the fresh cooler air, and snow flying and building up in the alpine.  Where fires are being lit in homes and heating is on everywhere in doors.  It is a super important time to moisturize the hair and skin...I always say using the simple clean products you have in your home is best/ and easiest in a pinch.  Before you moisturize you have to remove the dead layer of skin.  To do that I make a paste out of baking soda and do a beautiful body scrub from head to toe then use a coconut oil all over before bed!

For my hair I am in love with Davines (natural hair care line, family owned made in Italy) for shampoo and conditioner, for blond coloured hair, a cream for curler hair...finishing with a sea salt spray before and after it is dry which ads the texture I love a wind blown/ clean yet "lived in look!"

Your natural nails and cuticles will also need moisture and it is easy to look after your hands with a beautiful hand cream... My favourite right now is "Lavera" and the nails get a coat from Deborah Lippmann of her repair coat top coat.

Leading up to the holidays my next blog is for my beautiful vintage furs!  Check out the rental section of my site...We rent the beautiful vintage wool and fur prices for all events including special dinners and gala events over the fall and winter months.... Not to leave out special winter weddings - nothing like a vintage fur in the perfect west coast snow! Let me know if you have any questions !

Love B