Vintage fur rental, sheepskin jacket worn by Whistler bride.


Introducing B | Hair, Makeup and Nail Artist in Whistler, BC

on August 13, 2016

Hi there this is Brenda — most people call me B.about-me.jpg

I am a hair, makeup, and nail artist living in the beautiful mountains here in Pemberton just north of the very special resort Whistler, BC.

I am so very lucky to have found my home here, and now I am thinking I am ready to share a little, once a month, I am hoping, with you about things that I am doing which matter to me.

I will write about hair, makeup, nails - topics I know a lot about as I have been an artist since I was 19 years old.  Sharing tips and talking about what really matters - feeling great from the inside out!

I might talk about gardening, as I just love eating what we grow.  I grew up on Vancouver Island and my family was always gardening.  We had a small farm and we ate clean healthy food.  I totally believe it to be a blessing now that I am about to have my own family…. yes my guy, Matt musician, lover of mountains, smart, caring and all round best friend of mine, are expecting twins!  We couldn't be happier and most def excited about these two little sweethearts coming into the world.  There are so many levels of this next stage, but I will share later!  Being outdoors and in nature is really a huge part of what makes me who I am…it helps keep me grounded and sane… life isn't easy and where I come home is in the forest, swimming in the ocean, feeling the wind in my hair, seeing the beauty everyday.  It will always make me come back to being thankful, which we all need to do, somedays it is all we can do!

I will also talk about other passions like my new and exciting VINTAGE fur rental business that was started a while ago, but now is having a full launch!  It is something that I had originally developed for my brides, but now, any clients that come from anywhere in the world to our snowy Whistler mountains can rent vintage furs.  If they want to have something to add to their shoulders, to make a statement or just feel glamorous on a evening out, I will consult them on their vintage fur choices.  If it is a dinner, red carpet or any event…they will feel beautiful with this collection of vintage furs!  Renting supports another passion I have… a reusing society.

Which leads me to my first post…and ENJOY!