Holidays are here!

on December 30, 2016

Holidays are here... Family, friends and lots of reasons to dress up!

It is so good to get into something beautiful and feel sexy beautiful and celebrate with the ones you love.

Red, white, golds plus silvers are always in during this time of year and the standard and faithful.  And never out of style, black.

It is the time of year where you can do something amazing with your hair and makeup...Not to forget your nails!

My go to is always doing something beautiful and more done with one, not all.  No one wants to see your hair and makeup walk in the room.  The statement is to flow all together making you be the statement not the hair or makeup or both!fashion-portfolio-selection-roll.jpg

If your doing a bold and beautiful smoky eye then maybe simple hair down and a soft yet defined lip.  Or a red lips is classic maybe with a strong liner for the eye! 

Colourists are busy having fun with blondes, white and grey hues and changing hair for darker seasons, rich a defined tones.

All looks are beautiful when you feel great inside, looking after your body and eating right for the season.  Try to have lots of water and try to have less white sugars.  I am always using coconut sugar in baking and well anywhere you need a sweeter taste.  Tastes amazing and it natural easier for my system to digest.

For any celebration you are enjoying this month, be safe and have a super fun time expressing yourself with some fun hair or makeup style you maybe always wanted to try.

Happy happy special holiday season and enjoy ringing in 2017!