Hair and Makeup after having twin boys!!

on October 24, 2016

Well we have NEWS!!
Our sweet twins boys have arrived! September 18, 2016!

So this blog is dedicated to a little look into how I go through looking after myself over the end of pregnancy and delivering as we stayed in Vancouver, BC away from home, for 2 weeks leading up to the arrival!hair-makeup-nails-after-having-twin-boys-in-whistler.jpg

The most important part of external beauty - skin care, hair care and of course most important mental care is what you put into your beautiful body!

In and out of air conditioning throughout the summer can leave your skin dry.  For me, we were in and out of hospitals and hotels waiting for the arrival our beautiful boys!  This was making it hard to stay hydrated and during pregnancy I was finding the more water I drank the more I was needing. 

  • I recommend always having a full water bottle on you that is fa must! 
  • Also eating really healthy hydrating foods throughout your months of making your baby(ies). 

I had also made up a hydrating essential oil mix for my body, face and lips in a base of freeze dried coconut oil.  For my lips, I put it in small tub and then let harden again.

  • 2 drops lavender
  • 2 drops camille
  • 1 drop lemon (I could not get enough citrus during my pregancy)
  • 1 drop orange

I am massaging the same ratio of the lavender and camille in coconut oil on my c-section scar that has healed and it is only 13 days!

Now that I am a Mom and giving out more then I am used to, the very simple things like the shower or cloth down, whatever I have time for, feels so amazing.  The quick second to take a moment to let down my hair (twisting it while I sleep makes for beautiful waves through the day) and spraying a little dry shampoo in it and off I go. 

Washing and moisturizing my skin, using serum, a spf all over then a foundation around my eyes and anywhere that needs a little balancing in tone.  That is the biggest trick.  No need to put foundation all over as it is not needed, love your skin and let the natural glow shine through.  Then mascara and a little color on the lips.  If you need that color it can be put on the apple of the cheeks!

It is about taking a moment to feel like you and then giving out is so much easier.  I try to do this every day at some point in the day!  Along with getting dressed!  So many people say, "Oh it is so nice the first weeks 4-6weeks while you heal to just lounge around!"  Everyone is different...that doesn't work for me.
I want to be me and feel strong and ready for anything!  Beside the amount of socializing the boys do with all their visitors, it is nice to feel fresh for that reason also!

Well as I go along, besides talking about hair, makeup, nails and vintage furs, I wills talk more about my new adventure times two!

Love B plus 2 and George the dog!