Fall's Little Story

on October 15, 2018

Being a mom of 2 year old twins and a business owner isn't always easy. It is always very busy though, that is for sure!mom-of-twins-professional-wedding-hair-makeup-artisti.jpg You're balancing your family time making sure everyone is eating well, learning new things and playing outside as much as possible. Staying warm and hydrated and ready to fight those silly little bugs that come into play with the seasons change.

It is also an exciting and busy time with the harvesting, the garden is giving back so much and using all the fresh ingredients in our cooking is so well worth the work! End of July and August berries and fruit for the year are being frozen along with making bone broths and trying to keep up with all the goodness! Having a full freezer is a must for us, as it is so important for growing boys to have a healthy diet and same with Mom and Dad! All the potatoes are grown locally, along with carrots and beets (we grow some not ever enough for the winter).

professional-wedding-hair-makeup-artist-and-mom-of-twin-boys.jpgMaking the best of my time in this way is a value we have in our family. Being with the boys and showing them this is super important to me, as it was the way I was raised up in my family! All while doing my best with my growing business and feeding that part of my creative soul. The balancing act is constant, not EVER perfect!

I always have loved doing hair, makeup and nails and now more then ever as my jobs are picked carefully as I am so busy with a new family. I get to really concentrate and develop and express my creativity in a whole new way!

I am excited to share my newest work from 2018, during the next few months…on my website and on social…it includes my latest work that was published in WEDLUX magazine from a stunning wedding from July last year! Also a cover of FASHION magazine doing Hair and Manicure, along with the editorial inside…with a number of talented people! Including a very special guy, my husband Matt :)

So keep checking back, I will share more of this very full life as I get a chance :)

My best in Health, Heart, Mind and Body!
B xo