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With a full access approach, Brenda participates in every detail from planning and designing your look, from first consultation to the final touch either on the photo session or right before the ceremony.

Whether you have a clear idea or need help designing the look that you desire, Brenda can help bring it to life.  From crafting the hairstyle of your dreams and trying it in your trial run, to mastering the perfect makeup for your skin and colouring, her goal is make you stand out and feel absolutely beautiful.

From creating a custom & personally made lipstick and building a ‘day-of-survival’ kit, to providing ongoing communication through email, phone calls, in-person consultations and a pre-day trial – she will ensure you will feel relaxed from the time of booking to the big day allowing you to sit back and enjoy the experience.

Custom packages are built just for you and your needs. Request a quote here.


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