Vintage fur rentals for winter weddings.


Over the last 15 years, I have put together a wonderful collection of vintage clothing pieces comprised of coats, stoles and other related accessories.  A number of the pieces in the collection are beautiful furs.  These elegant, unique and rare designs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s continue to honour the spirit of the animals who provided them.  I firmly believe that by continuing to enjoy vintage fur garments such as these, we are making a positive ethical choice to not support the modern fur trade.

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Vintage fur and specialty wool rental inquiry form.

Included in every vintage fur rental or specialty wool rental is my recommendation on which piece may be best suited for your special event.  Please fill in the inquiry form and I will connect with you as soon as I can or email me at  Feel free to send me images so I can make a recommendation.


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Payment for your rental piece is to be provided beforehand with a credit card.  A damage deposit per item will be charged to that credit card and then refunded within 90 days after the rental piece has been collected and checked for damage.

We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable.  "Minor stains” can be taken care of in the regular cleaning service provided within the rental price. 

Please Do: 

  • Enjoy wearing your piece for photo shoots after your ceremony or any special occasion
  • When you are outside please use an umbrella to keep the snow/weather off of the garment, if it does get wet please hang to dry on the hanger provided

Please Do Not:

  • Apply perfumes while wearing fur.  This can cause fading or "yellowing”
  • Avoid sitting for long periods while wearing your fur.  This can cause the tips of the hair to break and flatten.  It is best to remove your coat, fold inside-out and place it beside you
  • Use a wire garment hanger.  Use the formed heavy fur hanger that is provided.

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